HI my name is Taylor! 16 years old living in the US! This is my separate blog for Frostiron! My other blog is KingOfThorki! I love getting messages!!

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"To Defy the Stars," Chapter One Up 


New chapter of “To Defy the Stars” is now live.

On AO3
On FF.net 

Lots of talk, and very little plot advancement.  Whee!

Did want to say thanks again, everybody, for bearing with me while I dealt with the accounts getting wiped/deleted.  Back up and running again, and it’s a good feeling.

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shecametoinfecteveryone- Thank you so much for the follow darling!! <3

Fic: Honeybee || Chapter 4 


Author: Elvarya85

Pairing: Frostiron

Rating: Explicit (porn soon, I promise)

Genre: Coffeeshop!AU

Status: WIP (Current word count - 8,812)

Summary: Tony and Loki really shouldn’t have met. Tony being in the coffee shop that day was an accident. And Tony falling head over heels for the tall guy with the striking green eyes…well, that was something else entirely.

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literally almost cried when i first saw this scene omg

#has anyone else noticed that every single time tony goes to handle something emotional #he brings food #here he spends hours making pepper food before admitting that he’s dying and he just wants to spend his last birthday with her #and then he doesn’t and he goes to a donut shop#’i was going to make you an omelet and tell you!’ #tony stark #emotional eater #fat kid for life

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